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Finally got the autoupdater finished. Though a few files have to be downloaded before it can work. Please downlaod the zip here.

1) Download the .rar file
2) Put it in the same directory as the Client.
If installer like this
%systemdir%\Program Files\Everember\EverEmber\
Or however it is
If zip find where you zipped it an put it there.
3) then extract the rar file. It will automatically extract all files even to the data files.
4) Run autoupdater. It will hopefull update. If it doesn't open up a thread in bug section and the post a pic/RTE number and error description.
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EverEmber online has a new Facbook page! Like us on facebook and invite your friends!

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I have added in tons of new content that everyone shall enjoy. Explore to find it or use the map in the screenshots section. A New town Rasheeb has been added.
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