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Auto-Updater finished.
Finally got the autoupdater finished. Though a few files have to be downloaded before it can work. Please downlaod the zip here.

1) Download the .rar file
2) Put it in the same directory as the Client.
If installer like this
%systemdir%\Program Files\Everember\EverEmber\
Or however it is
If zip find where you zipped it an put it there.
3) then extract the rar file. It will automatically extract all files even to the data files.
4) Run autoupdater. It will hopefull update. If it doesn't open up a thread in bug section and the post a pic/RTE number and error description.
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10 Abhijeetviswa  
Ah. Sorry for that. My mistake.

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8 Abhijeetviswa  
Finally someone read the instructions.

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9 Kajamaz  
They were never placed into the file... you sent me them.

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7 Kajamaz  
Everyone, place the updater info into the data files. the rest place with the game, then run the auto updater!

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6 Abhijeetviswa  
Never said it was the auto-updater. Was some files that are needed for it.
@kajamaz you shuld be the one to release it. I can't do it nowany ways. I formatted my PC.

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5 Domino  
I can help with updater, only need source...

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4 Mystic  
Same as Ozfer and Kajamaz. cry

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3 Domino  
It crashes with error handler because coder havent took off some needed data for picture in updater... cry

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2 Kajamaz  
Same here, please, more instructions!

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1 Ozfer  
There is no instructions included with that, and when clicked on it does nothing wacko

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