Sunday, 2019-05-26, 4:42 PM
EverEmber Online is a free roam MMORPG in the massive world of Ember.
The Games Concept: To Bring back the good feeling
of MMORPG's of the late 90's thought 2000's while keeping up to date in many systems.
Most games now are caught up in a story (Which i can experience in a book),
or they are caught up in graphics and fanciness.
None of them leave a memorable experience.
All seem to be copy's of one another.
Everember Online will have many aspects taken from many games, 
Players will go through a tutorial, learn the basics, 
spawn in a massive world, and explore their way through it.
With no main goals and maybe some side quests.
Players will remember what games were like back in the day,
when they felt like lost puppys, were tricked, asked other players for tips,
and had a fun in a diverse community, with a pvp/trade aspect to it.
There will be no skill levels, but newbs will take longer to mine/fish/chop than higher level players.
Some items are more dangerous to get than others.
I have not played a game like this which is why i am makeing one.

Our Team Consists of:

                                  Kajamaz-Main Game Designer and Builder  
                                  Abhijeet Viswa - Coder and Assistant

                                  Other People will be added to the team over time and some will be restored over time.

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Engine was made by the Eclipse Team
Sprites are Owned by Enterbrain