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All announcements will be Stored Here.
15 59 Friday, 2012-07-20, 5:46 AM
Thread: New GUI & Website
Posted by: Kajamaz
Post Any Bugs/Issues you find in game. We will be grateful and maybe even reward you.
28 104 Monday, 2012-09-03, 8:55 PM
Thread: money bug
Posted by: jo3thebomb
Suggest anything you wish to be seen in game.
37 266 Monday, 2012-09-03, 8:58 PM
Thread: Auction house,Guilds/ guilds...
Posted by: jo3thebomb

Talk About Random stuff and have discussions here.
17 101 Wednesday, 2012-10-31, 10:16 PM
Thread: Server Down
Posted by: Zero
Introduce Yourself
Introduce yourself to the community and say a little something about yourself.
13 63 Monday, 2012-12-03, 11:37 PM
Thread: Howdy!
Posted by: Legato
This section is for all screenshots, wallpapers, videos, gui's, fan art's, etc..
8 111 Thursday, 2012-07-19, 3:32 PM
Thread: New custom GUI /w Pictures
Posted by: Abhijeetviswa

In Game tutorials will be posted here.
4 34 Thursday, 2012-07-19, 2:49 AM
Thread: What to do?
Posted by: TheAmanification
Post what your tradeing currently here and where your selling it!
4 13 Monday, 2012-07-16, 5:48 PM
Thread: (Daves Shack)
Posted by: Mystic
Talk about a clan, clan activity's and events, clan wars, etc...
3 5 Wednesday, 2012-07-04, 4:50 AM
Thread: Valhalla - Hall of the brave
Posted by: GunnerWolf
Clans/Guilds may recruit here.
1 18 Friday, 2012-07-06, 5:15 AM
Thread: Valhalla - Hall of the Brave
Posted by: GunnerWolf

Talk about random junk here.
21 161 Saturday, 2012-08-11, 6:26 AM
Thread: What to add what to take off?
Posted by: TheAmanification
Forum Games
Post and play forum games here.
7 401 Friday, 2017-10-20, 9:22 PM
Thread: Pwning Game
Posted by: karlosdelluka
Put up any mods of the gui, characters/monsters, tilesets, sounds/music, or anything up here involving everember modifications.
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Ask for in game help here.
2 21 Sunday, 2012-07-15, 3:26 PM
Thread: Armor and Weapon Stats Needed!
Posted by: Kajamaz
Report a Player
If a player has been acting bad/breaking rules, report them here.
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If you think you have been falsely accused, report it here.
1 0 Sunday, 2012-06-17, 10:45 AM
Thread: Read this before you post!
Posted by: Abhijeetviswa

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