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Help from our fans!
OzferDate: Wednesday, 2012-06-20, 4:29 AM | Message # 1
Hardware managment and IT department
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As a co-owner there is much work to be done to Everember. If you appreciate Everember and want to help us out there are many ways to show your appreciation and gain respect in the community.

1. User made content
While we may not use everything sent to us it would be nice if users would make us cool customized:

-backgrounds for the website
-website banner bar
-Everember in game GUI (the current gui is in the client folder for use as template)
-EverEmber Wallpaper
-Anything else you think could help us out

Please submit all of these to Kajamaz, Ozfer, Abhijeet, or another admin to be put online or ingame.

2. Wiki
The official Everember wiki is very small. It would be nice if some people could add content and pictures from the game. EverEmber Wiki

3. Purchasing in game equipment and Donations
Soon our donations and item shop will be up and running, purchasing and donating, gives the Everember team needed money to continue developing the game.

4. Special skills
We at Everember are always looking for talented people to help us create in game items and effects. If you are a good pixel artist, visual basic coder, good at website design, or any other skill you think could benefit our team we gladly appreciate your help. Please contact an Admin if you are interested in helping.

5. Referring friends and advertising Everember on other sites
We at Everember rely on word of mouth and online advertisement to gain new people. Telling your friends about Everember makes our online community bigger and helps keep Everember alive.

6. Playing Everember
The last major way of helping us is by playing Everember, reporting bugs, and having fun.

I thank everyone for helping the Everember community, keep up the good work


1. Everember - MMORPG - - co-owner
2. World of krull - Minecraft Server - - co-owner

KajamazDate: Wednesday, 2012-06-20, 5:34 AM | Message # 2
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We appreciate any help at any time, we don't reject any help (Unless its for the worse). Some of the future updates will be completely user made! Please help us out, your ultimate reward is knowing that you helped spread an awesome game and turned it into the best game on the web. Thank you once again.

The Proud Creator of EverEmber Online and proud member of the EverEmber Community.
AbhijeetviswaDate: Wednesday, 2012-06-20, 8:16 PM | Message # 3
Visual Basics Coder
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As said by Kajamaz we accept all the help and support you give. Desiging and contributing can make you be a special part of the community. Though Donating will not be out until beta.

Pm me if you want help
GunnerWolfDate: Monday, 2012-07-02, 4:11 AM | Message # 4
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Please do not send in custom GUI yes as I am making the official GUI for the game, after beta, custom texture packs will be supported and users will be able to download any of a variety of different looks for your game.

Click this for my website.
Forum » Important » Suggestions » Help from our fans! (Ways you as a fan can help Everember)
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